Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sympathy Card for Republican Relatives

A Sympathy Card for My Republican Relatives.
I’m working on the design for a sympathy card. This design is somber but hopeful. My message is that I’m so sorry for what happened to their party and for what a hard choice is likely to face them in November. They are patriots so I know that they will vote, but for whom. They will have to choose someone who has been, for their party, one of the worst people in history. Or they will have to choose someone who will embarrass and tarnish the party image for years. (The damage to government and international respect must also be worrisome.)
I’ve been imagining the calculations that are going on now among my Republican family and friends,
“What if I choose the party nominee? Let’s see -- he could have a lucky few years with good advisors. If he can just stay out of sight and off twitter we might survive the four years to build a replacement.” With the nominee of the other party? “She might not look that good after four years. Maybe she will have tough times and unpredicted challenges. Maybe circumstances will beat her.”
But here’s the message inside the card, expressive of high hopes for another alternative.
“Dear Republican Family and Friends,
I’m honestly sorry for your situation. I promise not to question and not to gloat if you admit that you voted for Hilary. Maybe she will have some new strategies to create cooperation or she will inspire less indiscriminate opposition. And it doesn’t seem like the opposition approach has worked very well. So now what? Could WE be the answer? What might we create if we all insist that our leaders look for every possible way to work together for the country rather than the parties and lobbyists? Could a truly honest effort rebuild the physical, intellectual and spiritual infrastructure of this country? It is possible, but not without us—all of us from every part of the spectrum who find ways to get our voices heard as we shout in unison, ‘Cut the crap and do your dad gum jobs.’ Oh, yes, and, ‘God Bless America.‘”

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  1. Wouldn't that be something? We can only hope. Nice of you to suggest it.